We provide cleaning solutions to your farm

Next Gen Cleaning Solutions is a young company that started in 2023 to provide cleaning solutions for livestock farms. The first product we have available for rent is the AviCleaner. The AviCleaner is a machine that is specially developed to clean feed and water lines in broilers barns. Besides that we have invested in a trailer which has 3 gas powered pressure washers on board, as well a holding tank for water and room to park the AviCleaner.

Foam detergent and disinfectant

Washing without a detergent is not clean. We are in the process of making detergent foams and disinfectants available in the trailer


We went with a double axle heavy duty fully insulated trailer. The trailer is 7ft wide and 14 ft long. It has a 500 gallon holding tank in it for holding water. The holding tank can be filled with a hose trough a float or connected to your own water wagon through a 2 inch Camlock coupler.


In yours and our business we need high quality equipment. That is the reason we have choosen for Honda GX690 electric start engines and GP pressure pumps


This unique cleaning machine provides automatic cleaning of feed pans, drinking nipples and cups . This machine is easy to drive on tracks, for an ultimate grip on wet and dirty surfaces.